Monday, May 2, 2016

James and Esther Pearshall McClure

James and Esther Pearshal McClure were the parents of Arminda McClure Dolloway married to Charles Dolloway.

James was a pensioned Civil War Vet.

At some point James disappeared and left Esther to raise the children alone.

He was found years later by Esther's brother living in Pennsylvania with another woman he had taken as his wife and had a child with.

James has an established drinking problem and is noted to be of the lazy nature.

Esther was granted a divorce and so was Mary Jane his other wife.

Census finds him years later living with his sister and her family the Deans.

He ends up dying in the Veterans hospital in Bath, NY.

On the other hand the women he married were strong and hardworking, full of faith and raised good children.

Divorce from Esther.

His marriage to Mary Jane a widow with several children

Mary Jane's absolute divorce from James.

Obituary for Phoebe McClure the Mother of James.